Cantine Aperte 2023

23 May 2023 | Culture and Events

An entire weekend dedicated to wine tourism in Tuscany: on May 27 and 28, “Cantine Aperte” welcomes wine professionals, wine lovers and tourists to spread the wine culture of the Tuscan hills.

a cellar of a winery in tuscany during the "cantine aperte 2022" event on 28 and 29 may

Cantine Aperte 2023: wine is back in the spotlight

On the weekend of May 27 and 28, “Cantine Aperte” returns to Tuscany and throughout Italy, the wine tourism event organized by Movimento Turismo del Vino. The event, which this year has the theme “30 Years of Open Cellars,” will be dedicated to rediscovering the entire journey made in three decades of MTV’s activities with local wineries, along with all the news and initiatives planned.

Many wineries in Tuscany are participating in the event and hosting events and tastings, open to professionals, enthusiasts and the simply curious who want to learn more about all aspects related to wine.

To make the most of the occasion, WeHike offers some real insider tips on Chianti wines and the territory of Tuscany. And don’t forget that “Cantine Aperte” is also renewed throughout the year, with “Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia,” between September and October, and “Cantine Aperte at Christmas”-two excellent times to come, or return, to Chianti.

Do you want to know the ” Cantine Aperte ” programs for each region? Discover them on the website of the Movimento Turismo del Vino .

wine tasting in tuscany during the "cantine aperte 2022" event on 28 and 29 may

Castles, wines and wineries of Chianti

“Cantine Aperte” is the right opportunity not only to immerse oneself in the culture of wine and get to know historic local wineries, but also to discover an area of Tuscany full of charm: the rolling hills of the Lands of the Black Rooster, with their splendid Chianti Castles, ancient fortresses rich in history and legends that dot the territory between Florence and Siena.

So open doors at Vicchiomaggio Castle, Querceto Castle, Sonnino Castle, La Leccia Castle, Radda Castle, Brolio Castle, and Meleto Castle. But remember to check all schedule information by booking your visit.

castello di brolio in chianti nestled among the green tuscan hills and vineyards of chianti classico
Castello di Brolio in Chianti nestled among the green Tuscan hills and vineyards of Chianti Classico

The medieval villages of Chianti

If, on the other hand, you want to explore the medieval villages of Chianti, a destination not to be missed is the Borgo di Lamole, a handful of kilometers from Greve in Chianti, where the Lamole di Lamole winery will know how to welcome you for pleasant tastings and insights into its wines.

Not surprisingly, one of our experiences leads right to Lamole. Want to learn more about the “Lamole wine tour” ? Discover this hike with wine tasting.

view of nature surrounding lamole in chianti

Moving towards Siena, you can instead visit the village of Castellina in Chianti, surrounded by wonderful historical and cultural vestiges, and a few kilometers away the world-renowned Castellare di Castellina winery, where you can taste exceptional wines with unforgettable labels!

Finally, if you wish to immerse yourself in the typical Sienese scenery, where the border of the southern hills of Chianti Classico merges with the landscape of the Crete Senesi, be sure to drop by the Felsina winery, just a few steps away from the Borgo of Castelnuovo Berardenga, where you can enjoy your glass of wine in a truly evocative setting.

The abbey where Chianti wine was born

WeHike’s last suggestion also takes you along the road that connects the two most famous Tuscan cities, Florence and Siena.

The area is that of the Chianti Mountains and the destination, which is worth a visit and adheres to the “Cantine Aperte” event, is the splendid Badia a Coltibuono or “the abbey of the good harvest”: it is located in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti and is a magical place, because it was here that Chianti wine was born, thanks to the Vallombrosian monks, and for over a thousand years wine has continued to be produced here.

Do you want to find out more about the Chianti area? Read this article and immerse yourself in the rolling hills .

the abbey of badia a coltibuono where chianti wine was born
The Abbey of Badia a Coltibuono where Chianti wine was born




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