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Chiantishire: a corner of England in the heart of Tuscany

chiantishire: a corner of england in the heart of tuscany

Chiantishire: the word is enough, you might say.
Yes, because over the years the “Chiantishire“, as the English writer John Mortimer first renamed it in his novel “Summer’s Lease”, more than a geographical area has become a place of the soul, synonymous with beauty, harmony, culture, good wineand ancient rural homes.

Would you like to live the magic of Chianti?Discover the experiences.

In fact, the history that gave origin to the word Chiantishire dates back to the mid-1950s, when many people started to abandon this land. The countryside emptied because of the disappearance of sharecropping, and the exodus towards the cities left many small villages uninhabited. The Chianti territory thus became an area of little value and without any appeal.

The rebirth of Chianti

However, it took only a decade for many foreigners, especially British, to begin to rediscover this land in the 1960s, buying old, deserted or ruined farmhouses. It began a peaceful invasion of nobles, artists, journalists, financiers, hippies who, enchanted by the landscape, the climate, the wine and the cuisine settled in the Chiantiregion, contributing to recreate a truly magical atmosphere.

A love without boundaries

In successive waves, Swiss, Belgians, Germans, Dutch and Americans also arrived, until a real hunt for the Chianti buen retiro began which led to the renovation of many houses. On September 5, 1968, the “New York Herald Tribune” certified the new fashion of the upper class: “In Europe, a rustic house in Chianti converted into a residence is now very much in vogue, and not only for vacations”.

The myth of Chiantishirewas born, a heavenly corner of England in Tuscany, where a select few had, and still have today, the fortune to dedicate themselves to a peaceful life, among woods and castles, fields and farmhouses, vineyards and restaurants that serve the most famous dishes of the Tuscan tradition.

Come discover Chiantishire.

Take part in unique experiences among green hills, villages, castles and vineyards, in the heart of Tuscany. Discover the art, culture, traditions and flavors of this land and live the magical atmosphere of Chianti.



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Walking, discovering, and tasting

This is WeHike

In the heart of Tuscany WeHike accompanies you on daily hiking in Chianti combined with original experiences to search for artistic, wine, gastronomic, and artisanal treasures.

We walk to come into contact with this region’s nature: the hills, the streams, the woods, the trails through vineyards, and the wildest corners. We discover history, traditions and hidden gems of Chianti region: old farmhouses, parish churches, castles, and workshops where craftsmen create as they did once upon a time.  Learn the stories and legends.

We taste the fruits of this land: tasting chianti wines together with traditional dishes, savoring the scents of flowers, observe the colors of the fields and hear the sounds of every environment we pass through.

Each hike reveals an aspect of this land and combines outdoor activities with unique experiences to be enjoyed together, sharing every step, every taste, and every emotion.

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