A beer that goes beyond borders

Castelnuovo Berardenga


Min. 4persons

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Min. 4persons

Distance: 8Km

Elevation gain: 300Mt

Duration: 4hours - Including breaks

Technical Difficulty: E - Hiking

Physical Effort: Moderate

Hiking in Castelnuovo Berardenga with beer tasting

We will walk through an area of ​​ancient settlements, a territory that has been long disputed between Florence and Siena, theater of many battles, of which the most famous took place in Monteaperti, also remembered by a famous verse from Dante’s Inferno: “the evil that made the river Arbia colored in red”. Arbia is in fact a tributary of the Ombrone, and we will travel along the hills that separate the valleys of the two rivers, immersing ourselves in the typical Sienese scenery, an evocative and unique landscape, where the borders of the Crete Senesi and the southern hills of Chianti merge to reveal a territory of great surprises.

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Among these, the first and perhaps most extraordinary dates back to 2009 when, during some archaeological excavations, some shark teeth were brought to light: a discovery that takes us back in time and confirms the presence of a sea in these places, even if obviously much deeper than we had previously assumed.

The second surprise will take us on a tasting tour, in an area that, like the crossed hills, is at the crossroads between two worlds: wineand beer. As a matter of fact, our loop hike will end in a beautiful winery, very renowned for its wines but also for having created a new type of beer, all Italian, the Italian Grape Ale (IGA), officially recognized by the authoritative Beer Judge Certification Program in 2015.

The process, which is strictly artisanal and highly fermented involves the addition of grapes – in the form of fresh must, cooked must, wine or marc – in any of the production phases. The beers that we will taste, therefore, are the result of a research based on the ancient Italian wine making vocation and driven to investigate the boundary between the world of malts, hops and wine.

We will end our experience with a special tasting of beer IGA (italian grape ale).



Required equipment


Closed hiking boots




Adequate water supply




Protective mask

A beer that goes beyond borders

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A beer that goes beyond borders


Min. 4persons

The guide reserves the right to adjust times and itineraries in case of unfavorable weather or particular needs of the hiking group.

Coordinated and assisted by a licensed Environmental Hiking Guide (Regional Law 86/2016, as amended)

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