Pottery workshop

Barberino Val d'Elsa


Min. 2persons

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+39 339 863 60 36


Min. 2persons

Distance: 5Km

Elevation gain: 250Mt

Duration: 2hours - Including breaks

Technical Difficulty: E - Hiking

Physical Effort: Easy

Hiking with pottery workshop in Chianti

Our hike will start near an enchanting village, on a hillock in the heart of Chianti, cradle of history and culture. In addition to delighting our eyes, the territory we will cross will allow us to see more closely the geological characteristics of Chianti, created over the centuries. After our exploration in nature, our loop hike will end reaching an old barn that has been beautifully renovated in a pottery workshop Il Tafano (the Horsefly).

During our workshop Mrs. Catia Massai, a skilled craftswoman, will show us how the artifacts are created, the basic techniques, and even some secrets of the artisan. We will have the opportunity to know and practice, for example, an ancient technique called “colombino”, that can be done only by hand and is still in use here in Tuscany.

It is mainly used to create many terracotta objects starting from the clay “galestro”, a particular type of clay appreciated for its extreme malleability, for its variegated shades of color and for the resistance it can give to the artifacts. Of course we will then “put our hands to work”: we will practice making small objects that we can also decorate with a brush, according to the more traditional colors of Italian ceramics. Want to find out more about the art of terracotta in Chianti? Go to this experience.

Once the objects are finished, we will then leave our “works” to the care of the laboratory for the firing process. To keep a memory of this craft experience, you will be able to pick them up again after two days or ask for them to be sent directly to your home.


Required equipment


Closed hiking boots




Adequate water supply




Protective mask

Pottery workshop

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Pottery workshop

Da 110pp


Min. 2persons

Max. 6persons

Write to

+39 339 863 60 36

The guide reserves the right to adjust times and itineraries in case of unfavorable weather or particular needs of the hiking group.

Coordinated and assisted by a licensed Environmental Hiking Guide (Regional Law 86/2016, as amended)

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