A rose harvest

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Experience discovering the cultivation of roses and the “rose harvest” in Chianti

When spring is in full bloom, before the hot days of summer begin, an extraordinary “rose harvest” comes to life in Chianti. A custom from Liguria, in this region it found one of its greatest expressions in ancient local roses.

For three Sundays in the month of May, we will have the privilege of experiencing something truly unique among the rosesof a small, family-run organic farm, which has grown these flowers for more than 15 years to produce syrups and preserves from the petals. It is a special practice that is not particularly widespread in our country, unlike what happens in the Arab world and even in Eastern Europe.

Taking place at the time of year when the floral fragrances in the air are at their strongest and most pleasing, our exploration will begin right in the rose garden by handpicking roses. We will then move into the laboratory to begin the various phases of processing the petals from which, step by step, we will be able to produce a delicious marmalade.

Thanks to the rose harvest, we will be able to learn more about a tradition practiced for dietary, decorative, and even curative purposes due to the beneficial properties bestowed upon us by the roses, which go well beyond beauty and fragrance.

A rose harvest

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A rose harvest

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The guide reserves the right to adjust times and itineraries in case of unfavorable weather or particular needs of the hiking group.

Coordinated and assisted by a licensed Environmental Hiking Guide (Regional Law 86/2016, as amended)

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