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This is WeHike

In the heart of Tuscany, WeHike takes you on day trips to Chianti combined with original experiences in search of artistic, oenological, gastronomic and artisanal treasures.

We walk to get in touch with the nature of this region: the hills, the streams, the forests, the paths through the vineyards and the wildest corners. We discover the history, traditions and hidden gems of Chianti: ancient farmhouses, parish churches, castles and workshops where craftsmen work as they once did. Discover the stories and legends of Chianti.

We savour the fruits of this land: we taste Chianti wines along with traditional dishes, savour the scents of flowers, observe the colours of the fields and listen to the sounds of every environment we pass through.

Each hike reveals an aspect of this land and combines outdoor activities with unique experiences to be lived together, sharing every step, every taste and every emotion.

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Are you looking for a Chianti hike tailored just for you? Let’s plan it together.


Exploring Chianti

Walk in discovery of the history, legends and hidden treasures of this land.

Enjoy unique experiences

In the heart of Tuscany, between nature, tradition and culture, experience new emotions.

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences

hiking guide in chianti


I am Sara Biffoli, AIS sommelier and hiking guide, born and raised in Florence, with a three-year break in the United States, which allowed me to thoroughly learn about American culture and the English language.

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences

I do what I love most in life: I accompany people on hikes through the Chianti region (Learn more about experiences), my homeland, to discover all the beauty of these extraordinary hills. After walking and chatting, I share special moments with them. In a wine cellar tasting the red wine that bears this region’s name, in an artisanal workshop where craftsmen create like they did “once upon a time,” or in a farmhouse savoring freshly decanted honey.


When I’m not leading an outdoor activity or wine tasting, I do the same things on my own: I look for new routes, new winemakers, and new experiences because I have a passion for learning even more about every inch of this incredible land. And every secret that it holds.

If you have chosen Italy, Tuscany, and hills of Chianti, you have made the choice to listen to a wish and delight all 5 of your senses, slowing down, enjoying every step, every sound, and every scent. With WeHike, I will help you fulfill that wish.

Do you already want to go? I’m waiting for you to join me, and in the meantime, try to imagine what you would like to do. Everything is here.