Summer in Chianti

30 Jun 2023 | Activities, Territory

Summer in Chianti is a wonderful time to explore the beautiful wine region of Tuscany. With its rolling hills, rivers, picturesque vineyards and medieval village nights, Chianti offers travelers a unique and unforgettable experience. . Find out what to do in summer in Chianti in this article.

summer in chianti is a wonderful time to enjoy among river hiking, river trekking and rafting
Summer in Chianti is a wonderful time to enjoy among river hiking, river trekking and rafting

3 itineraries along the rivers to do in summer in Chianti

For the “Maybe not everyone knows that..”, today we reveal the origin of the name Chianti, so famous in the world but whose etymology is not always as well known: in fact, it derives from the Etruscan word “clante,” meaning “water” (bizarre for the home of such a famous wine, don’t you think?).

Indeed, the Chianti region has always been an area rich in water, with five rivers that enliven its configuration with their valleys.

This is precisely why the Etruscans introduced the vine, the Romans the olive tree, and in the Middle Ages many water mills were built in the Greve and and Pesa Valleys, which remained active until a few decades ago to grind cereals and chestnuts, for iron or woodworking, and for spinning textiles.

If you don’t know what to do in Chianti in the summer, a fascinating option is to follow the course of some of these rivers, with dedicated itineraries. Below we suggest some itineraries.

Here is a selection of hikes in Chianti to do in the summer months.

Trail along the Pesa river: 10 km hike

The trail runs along the path of the Pesa River to the old Petrazzo water mill, now converted into housing. From the center of the village of Sambuca cross the old bridge over the Pesa and turn right.

Follow the road, which then becomes natural-bottomed with the name Strada dell’Abate (here you can leave your car) and, shortly after, on the left you will see the chapel dedicated to San Giovanni Gualberto. Go straight ahead passing the bar placed after the last dwelling on the left. When you reach the Rignana bridge, cross it and then take a left, passing a second barrier, to follow the other bank of the Pesa.

A trail on the left allows you to avoid the steep section; a short distance away you will find the driveway that descends into the riverbed. Follow the trail again that cuts through the floodplain until you reach the characteristic Petrazzo water mill.

At the back you can still see the no longer used loading trough and the water intakes for the millstones, which no longer exist. The return is along the route of the outward journey.

Trail along the Greve river: 7 km hike

The trail starts from via Case Sparse, locality Barbiano, near the town of Greve in Chianti. Take the road to the right, which immediately becomes a dirt road called via Montagliari. When the road forks, take a left and continue keeping to the left until you come to a beautiful privately owned medieval water mill.

After passing the mill, begin the ascent along the path to Villa Vignamaggio and then descend again along a small road that runs alongside the paved road and back to the starting point.

Trail along the Elsa river: 4 km hike

This is a fairly easy trail that, surrounded by nature, runs along the beautiful Elsa River in Colle Val d’Elsa (Siena) and along which, on warmer days, you will also have the opportunity to bathe in the river’s waters.

We recommend that you enter the trail from the northern access point along the Colligiana Provincial Road, at Via dei Cipressi. You only need to cross the road to meet some information panels and, at the end of a small descent, you will already be on the trail.

if you don't know what to do in chianti in summer, river trekking will allow you to enjoy chianti's nature and cool off in its crystal clear waters.
If you do not know what to do in Chianti in the summer, river trekking will allow you to enjoy the nature of Chianti
And refresh yourself in its crystal clear waters.

River Hiking in Chianti

A more eventful alternative to the “classic” walk is River Trekking, a summer activity that is becoming increasingly popular with hikers. It is a river sport that consists of descending streams on foot and allows you to discover enchanting places from a new perspective, providing rich moments and exciting experiences, in which the water of the stream replaces the trails in a fun and refreshing journey.

A popular destination for River Hiking in Chianti is the Elsa River in the province of Siena, which runs through the town of Colle Val d’Elsa. The river, with its crystal clear turquoise waters, offers a variety of trails suitable for everyone, even those without special training, and does not require the use of special equipment. Between jumps and dives with this outdoor activity you can combine the passion for walking with the excitement of water. A different way to discover Chianti, in contact with nature, away from the crowds.

A neoprene wetsuit, helmet and life jacket will be provided for this experience. A licensed Environmental Hiking Guide will lead you safely along the trail.

a group during a river trekking experience in chianti along the elsa river.
A group during a river trekking experience along the Elsa River in Chianti

Hiking and Rafting in Chianti

The latest summer proposal (from June to September) is a hike to discover the Upper Val d’ Elsa River Park, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Tuscany, where you can combine your passion for walking and a nature-exploratory rafting experience.

It is a beautiful adventure along the turquoise and crystal-clear waters of the Elsa River, in the heart of the Chianti region, a day outdoors among rock bridges, caves and small beaches, sailing aboard rubber dinghies in a ‘tropical’ environment. A true full immersion in the nature of the Chianti among alders, willows and elder trees, waterfalls and ancient thermal springs.

A neoprene wetsuit, helmet and life jacket will be provided for this experience. An Environmental Hiking Guide and a Rafting Guide will lead you safely along the various routes.

the rafting experience in chianti can be an original idea for a summer day in the heart of tuscany.
The rafting experience in Chianti can be an original idea for a summer day in the heart of Tuscany.

Summer in Chianti: an enchanting experience between nature and adventure.

Summer in Chianti offers an unforgettable experience for those who wish to explore the magnificent wine region of Tuscany. With its picturesque hilly landscapes, crystal-clear rivers and charming medieval villages, Chianti captures the hearts of travelers.

From tranquil riverside itineraries to the fun adventure of river trekking and rafting, there is something for everyone. Surrounded by nature and away from the crowds, you can experience moments of pure pleasure and discovery.

Be seduced by the magic of summer in Chianti and create unforgettable memories in this wonderful Tuscan destination.

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