Terms and conditions of service

  1. Bookings, deposit payments, and corresponding communications.

1.1) To book WeHike experiences, send a written request by email to info@we-hike.it or via WhatsApp using the phone number +39.339.8636.036, indicating your information: first and last name, email address, phone number, tax ID and/or VAT number, and the type of experience that you want to book.

1.2) No payment is required from the date the event is booked until ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled event. As of ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled event, the client must pay 30% of the total amount due as a security deposit. Once paid, WeHike will not reimburse that amount, except under the conditions set forth in Article 3.1 below.

1.3) The balance for the booking must be paid thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date for the booked event.

1.4) Only the contact information indicated at the time of booking will be used for all bookings, cancellations, or other communications with WeHike.


  1. Payment methods

Payment must be made by wire transfer or PayPal.

  1. Cancellations, cancellation policy, and program changes

3.1) WeHike reserves the right to cancel the scheduled event until 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled date for valid reasons (including but not limited to: adverse weather conditions, difficulties that could affect participant safety, etc.) or if the minimum number of booked participants is not reached. In the event that WeHike determines that weather conditions do not allow for the event to take place, a voucher for 100% of the amount paid will be issued for participation in a new event. The voucher will be valid for twelve (12) months.

3.2) If a single participant cancels their participation in the event, notification must be sent exclusively to: info@we-hike.it.

– If cancellation is not sent ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled event date, WeHike will not reimburse the security deposit.

– However, if cancellation is sent less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event date, WeHike will process the full price for the event booking.

3.3) If participation in the event is cancelled by the Client, Agency, or Tour Operator, the following is specified:

  • If cancellation is sent by email less than ninety (90) days but up to thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event date, WeHike will keep the deposit payment.
  • If cancellation is sent by email less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event date, WeHike will process the full price paid for the event booking.

3.4) WeHike reserves the right not to accept into the group of participants for the event any individuals who have not booked in advance and any individuals who do not have appropriate equipment with respect to the equipment expressly required.

3.5) WeHike reserves the right to modify the hike itinerary or schedule based on weather conditions, terrain conditions, and/or the abilities of the group of participants. The purpose of such modifications is to guarantee the safety of each participant and the success of the event.

3.6) WeHike reserves the right to adjust the pace of the hike depending on the composition of the group of participants.

  1. The Guide

The Guide (Environmental Guide) is certified by the Region of Tuscany, licensed pursuant to Regional Law 42 of 23 March 2000, as amended.

The Guide organizes hikes and accompanies groups of people during a hike.

As organizer, the Guide prepares a program of hikes and experiences that is available to the public via the website.

The Guide has third-party insurance; however, said insurance does not cover risks of injury of subjects participating in events.


  1. Participants (nature, obligations, and abilities)

5.1) WeHike welcomes all adults to participate in WeHike experiences. Minors are also welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

5.2) Each Participant must possess their own valid ID.

5.3) Prior to booking the event, Participants are required to carefully read the hike technical information and the requirements necessary for participation (available on the website in the details for the purchased event) and, upon booking, state that they fully accept the contents of such information.

5.4) At the time of booking, Participants are required to report any current and/or past medical condition that may affect their safety or the safety of other participants. Additionally, Participants are required to specify any food intolerance or allergies or any other condition that may affect them in relation to the event that they have booked.

5.5) After receiving confirmation of participation from WeHike, Participants agree to stay informed about the hike and carefully read all the detailed information received via email.

5.6) If the event was booked through an Agency, Tour Operator, or in case of a group booking, the person who booked the event is required to inform all members of the group about the schedule, logistics, and required clothing, as well as to disclose any information received from WeHike up to the day of the hike.

5.7) Participants are required to strictly follow all instructions from WeHike regarding itineraries, restrictions, etc.

5.8) Participants are required to follow the pace set by WeHike and to stay with the group and on the set route.

5.9) Participants are required to behave respectfully with regard to event organizers, the natural surroundings, and other participants.

5.10) Participants are allowed to bring their dogs, except to protected natural areas where dogs are explicitly prohibited. Participants must keep their dogs on a leash and make sure that the dog is accustomed to being around other people and dogs, without disturbing the other hikers.

5.11) Participants declare that they are physically prepared and in good health and that they are aware of potential allergic reactions that they might have to insects, pollen, etc.

5.12) Participants are aware that the price of participation includes organization of the hike and accompaniment by the Guida Ambientale Escursionistica [Environmental Hiking Guide], who is professionally licensed pursuant to Regional Law 86/2016. Costs that are not expressly indicated on the website and/or via email upon booking are excluded from the fees already paid.

5.13) Participants are aware that photographs and/or video recordings may be taken during the day. WeHike may use such photographs and/or video recordings for promotional purposes for its business activities. Participants will be asked to consent or dissent on the day of the hike.

5.14) Participants release the Guide from any liability resulting from behavior that does not comply with these general conditions.

5.15) Participants declare that they have read the Regulations on COVID-19 Prevention and Containment Measures and agree to complete and sign the specific form required by the Health Authority.

5.16) Upon booking a WeHike event, Participants fully and automatically accept these general conditions and acknowledge their full force.

5.17) WeHike is exclusively responsible for the management and safety of individuals participating in the event. All group members must always follow the Guide during hikes/events. Anyone who distances themselves from the group, even with the Guide’s consent, does so at their own risk and under their own responsibility.


  1. Meeting times and locations for the start of an experience

WeHike will confirm the exact meeting time and location with clients and/or groups via email or WhatsApp.