Expo Chianti Classico 2022: a return to wine in Greve in Chianti

26 Aug 2022 | Culture and Events, Enogastronomy

Discovering Chianti Classico wine in Greve in Chianti

In September, Expo Chianti Classico 2022 takes place in Greve in Chianti, the event to learn about the Chianti Classico territory and wine.

The 50th anniversary of Expo Chianti Classico in Greve in Chianti

On the long weekend between Sept. 8 and 11, Greve in Chianti hosts Expo Chianti Classico 2022 , the main event of late summer for those who love or want to discover Chianti wine. This year the festival celebrates its 50th edition and offers a calendar full of wine tastings, panel discussions, and presentations, with many opportunities to learn more about the history and peculiarities of Chianti Classico, and meet wineries and winemakers.

Must-see events: wine tastings, guided hikes and more

wine festival in greve in chianti from sept. 8 to 11
The square of Greve in Chianti during the past edition of Expo Chianti Classico

In addition to the Inauguration (Thursday, 8 at 5 p.m., in Matteotti Square), among the most interesting events of the Chianti Classico review, an event that brings together producers from all the Chianti Classico municipalities, WeHike recommends not to miss the guided tastings with Valentino Tesi, elected Italy’s best Sommelier: “ABC on Wine,” to learn how to taste and understand each wine; “The U.G.A. of the North,” dedicated to the new Chianti Classico Additional Geographical Units; and “The Black Rooster and its Pairings,” between Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Vinsanto and gastronomic proposals from the best local tradition.

To pamper the ears as well as the palate, we also point out two musical moments: “Indie-Rock Acoustic Festival” and the Elixir concert, dedicated to 80s/90s music, with the Expo finale to follow. Finally, during the days of Expo, there will also be side events-exhibitions, guided tours and walking tours-and WeHike will also be on track to spread the beauty of Chianti. Check out our experiences to learn about the Chianti region.

don't miss expo chianti classico 2022 events in greve in chianti with chianti classico wine tasting and more
Don’t miss the events of Expo Chianti Classico 2022 in Greve in Chianti with Chianti Classico wine tasting, guided tours of Chianti and more

A full immersion in Chianti between history and legends

With Expo Chianti Classico 2022, you can therefore spend a long weekend relaxing in Greve in Chianti, amidst the scents of the grape harvest and invigorating hillside breezes. A unique opportunity to a full immersion in the world of Chianti Classico, whose date of birth can be traced back to 1716, when Grand Duke Cosimo III de’ Medici demarcated the first Chianti wine area, known today precisely as Chianti Classico (but separation from Chianti DOCG did not come until 1996). Want to know the legend of the symbol of Chianti Classico? Read this article.

But what kind of wine is Chianti? The distinguishing characteristics of this wine – itself a DOCG since 1984 – are that it is derived from Sangiovese grapes for at least 80 percent (to which Colorino, Canaiolo Nero, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot are added), grown at higher altitudes than Chianti DOCG and distributed in 9 municipalities, between the provinces of Siena and Florence.

Finally, production is divided into 3 qualities: the Annata, or standard wine, which matures for 12 months before release; the Riserva, which must age 24 months; and the Gran Selezione, with the longest aging requirement, 30 months.



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We taste the fruits of this land: tasting chianti wines together with traditional dishes, savoring the scents of flowers, observe the colors of the fields and hear the sounds of every environment we pass through.

Each hike reveals an aspect of this land and combines outdoor activities with unique experiences to be enjoyed together, sharing every step, every taste, and every emotion.

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