escursioni ed esperienze nel chianti con wehike
Esperienze nel Chianti

Hiking tours
and experiences
in Chianti

Day trips in the Chianti region combined with original experiences in search of artistic, oenological, gastronomic and artisanal treasures.

Hiking Trips

Hiking Trip in Italy

Discover Italy walking with our guided trekking trips. Explore the natural beauty of the country in the company of experienced guides.

Winter in Chianti: among hiking, nature and events

Winter in Chianti: among hiking, nature and events

In the cold season nature rests, but Chianti knows how to offer many opportunities, perhaps even more suggestive in these months. If you, too, are wondering what to do in Chianti in winter, let’s discover the winter surprises of this area with WeHike. Snow-covered vines at rest during winter in Chianti   Winter in Chianti: […]

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experiences in Chianti

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Discover a different way to experience Chianti. Book your experience with an environmental hiking guide.

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Join WeHike for an unforgettable adventure with our hiking trips in Italy. Unique group experiences discovering breathtaking landscapes.

unique and tailor-made experiences

Private Events and Custom Team Building

addio al nubilato in toscana: esperienze indimenticabili nel cuore del chianti

Tailor-Made Private Events

Celebrate your special moments with WeHike. We offer bachelorette and bachelor party packages, destination wedding guest experiences and tailora-made experiences, ensuring unforgettable memories in the heart of Tuscany.

organizza viaggi aziendali ed esperienze in toscana e nel chianti per team building e incentive con wehike

Business Trip, Incentives and Team Building

Strengthen your team with unique adventures. We create incentive trips to Italy, corporate events and tailor-made experiences in Tuscany for corporate team building combining trekking, outdoor activities and experiences to enhance team cohesion and motivation.

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Walking, discovering, and tasting

Traveling with WeHike:
between Nature and Tradition

From the heart of Tuscany, WeHike accompanies you to discover the Chianti region and Italy’s most picturesque landscapes, with guided day hikes and multi-day hiking trips. Chianti is our home and we want to show you all its treasures: art, nature and gastronomy, along with history, wines and crafts. We do this by guiding you on daily hiking tours combined with original experiences.

If, instead, you want to go on a group hiking trip, WeHike takes you to Italy’s most beautiful valleys, mountains and villages with guided trips for an even more intense immersion in the nature and traditions of our country. Whether it’s an afternoon spent in the vineyards of Chianti or a week in Alpine landscapes, WeHike is the outdoor specialist agency for unique and unforgettable experiences.

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Do you desire a tailor-made adventure? Let’s design it together.


Discover Chianti

Discover the history, legends and hidden treasures of this land.

Enjoy unique experiences

In the heart of Tuscany or among the natural beauty of Italy, experience new emotions.

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Chianti: a land of history, tradition and culture. Discover more about the heart of Tuscany

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