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Elsa River, a blue paradise

Colle Val d'Elsa

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90€ pp

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences

4 km

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences

150 mt

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences

3 hours (including breaks)

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences
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E – Hiking

wehike - tasting nature | chianti outdoor experiences
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Rafting in Chianti: a river full of life

TheChianti is not only synonymous with vineyards, glasses of red wine and gastronomy, and the Elsa River is the best example: in its waters and along its course there is plenty of activity! It rises from three different springs in the locality of Molli (in the municipality of Sovicille) at an altitude of just under 600 meters, and runs between the ridges of the Montagnola Senese and the Chianti Mountains. A tributary of the Arno river, it is considered the most important watercourse in the province of Siena for the richness of its fish fauna.

Among fish, the most common are the rovella, chub, tiber barbel and carp; among crustaceans, the crayfish and river crab; and among the invertebrates, in addition to Theodoxus fluviatilis, a mollusk that lives in well-oxygenated waterways by adhering firmly to aquatic vegetation or submerged rocks, there is also Sympetrum meridionale, a dragonfly that is not very common in Italy but is strongly localized here in Tuscany, particularly around Castellina in Chianti and, indeed, along our river near Colle di Val d’Elsa.

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Hike with rafting in Chianti

To get a closer look at the wild nature of this river, we will hike some of the paths along its banks, crossing rock bridges to admire the manylimestone waterfalls. Here and there we will also pause to contemplate the wonderful natural travertine pools, where turquoise waters flowing from mineral and thermal springs create a heavenly atmosphere and enchant the eye.

One of the waterfalls of the Elsa River will then give the start to our “revitalizing” Chianti rafting experience: on a rafting rubber dinghy we will plough through the watercourse to enjoy nature from a new 360-degree perspective. We will overcome the obstacles of the limestone pools working as a team, we will linger to discover unprecedented scenarios of river fauna and, literally “immersed” in a new dimension, we will float suspended between crystal clear waters and lush vegetation.

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Required equipment


Closed hiking boots




Adequate water supply



elsa river, a blue paradise

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Elsa River, a blue paradise

90€ pp

The guide reserves the right to adjust times and itineraries in case of unfavorable weather or particular needs of the hiking group.

Coordinated and assisted by a licensed Environmental Hiking Guide (Regional Law 86/2016, as amended)

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