special tastings in chianti

Hike and Tasting

Lose yourself among green hills, discover the traditions and culture of these lands, and enjoy special tastings in Chianti. Experience a real truffle hunt, learn about beekeeping and honey production, try some craft beer or get lost in the olive groves and the flavors of olive oil.

discover tastings in chianti and savor local products

Taste some freshly picked truffles, savor some honey fresh, a good craft beer or some excellent olive oil.


A journey among castles and olive oil


The secrets of honey: beekeeper for a day


A beer that goes beyond borders


Discovering truffle

Walking, discovering, and tasting

This is WeHike

In the heart of Tuscany WeHike accompanies you on daily hiking in Chianti combined with original experiences to search for artistic, wine, gastronomic, and artisanal treasures.

We walk to come into contact with this region’s nature: the hills, the streams, the woods, the trails through vineyards, and the wildest corners. We discover history, traditions and hidden gems of Chianti region: old farmhouses, parish churches, castles, and workshops where craftsmen create as they did once upon a time.  Learn the stories and legends.

We taste the fruits of this land: tasting chianti wines together with traditional dishes, savoring the scents of flowers, observe the colors of the fields and hear the sounds of every environment we pass through.

Each hike reveals an aspect of this land and combines outdoor activities with unique experiences to be enjoyed together, sharing every step, every taste, and every emotion.

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Discover Chianti

Learn the history, legends and hidden treasures of this land.

Live unforgettable experiences

In the heart of Tuscany, among nature, tradition and culture, try new emotions.