Hiking or Trekking?

11 Jan 2022 | Activities

What is the difference between hiking and trekking?

Often used as synonyms, hikingand trekking are sports that have many aspects in common, but also some precise differences. To better understand its meaning, let’s start with the linguistic definition.

what is the difference between hiking and trekking? discover it with wehike

“Hiking” is the English word that comes from the verb “to hike”, used for the activity of hiking meant as “the practice of excursions”, especially for tourist purposes. This refers to outdoor hikes (“hike”) in the woods, trails and hills in a single day, without overnight stays.

For example, you can find at this page all the hikes in Chianti organized by WeHike.

“Trekking”, on the other hand, comes from the English verb “to trek”, meaning “to make a long journey”; it is the sport based on walking, and refers to long walks that also involve overnight stays, in a tent or shelter, and embrace a time span of several days.

If you want to experience the thrill of a real trek instead, you can look at the proposal for our guided trekking trip to the Dolomites in collaboration with Ghan Travel.

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A matter of time

The difference between hiking and trekking, therefore, is basically the length of the hike: if you plan a multi-stage trail, with your backpack, and one or more overnight stays to discover the beauty of a place more deeply or to make new experiences, you will go trekking.

It will instead be hiking the excursion of a few hours or a whole day to be able to immerse yourself in nature and get away from the daily routine.

The praise of slowness

Beyond the difference between hiking and trekking, however, walking in nature, the basic element that unites the two activities, is a great way to stay outdoors, discover new places and rediscover a slow and quiet tourism, full of benefits for body and mind. Walking along the paths of a forest, a park, a lake, letting yourself be enveloped by colours, scents and sounds, and regaining direct contact with the environment, is the best way to regain your rhythm: a real therapy for our body and for our emotional health.

WeHike offers day trips combined with unique experiences immersed in the nature of Chianti. Browse the experiences and plan your next adventure!




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