Autumn in Chianti: best things to do

20 Sep 2022 | Culture and Events, Territory

What makes autumn a special time to spend in Chianti: wines, truffles, and olive oil.

wehike's tips on what to do in autumn in chianti
Autumn in Chianti means grape harvest: the most important time for the wine world

Grape harvest in Chianti

Autumn in Chianti is the season when the earth and nature give us some of their most precious fruits starting with the bunches of grapes that reach maturity in the vineyards and release incredible colors and scents. The vendemmia in Chianti is the most important time for the wine producers and the best time to really get to know and appreciate in all their charm the hills of Tuscany, the historic wineries of Chianti Classico and to experience firsthand the local ritual of the grape harvest, which is renewed year after year here in the lands of the Black Rooster as well.

The grape variety par excellence in the Chianti region is Sangiovese, an ancient cultivated variety, which together with Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia Nera and many other varieties gives life to great Chianti wines of extraordinary elegance. Observing the various stages that characterize – the picking of the grapes, the destemming, the crushing – and also witnessing the various winemaking processes – from fermentation of the must to racking and decanting – allows one to understand the magical evolution that leads each berry to become the “nectar of the gods.”

the grape harvest in autumn in chianti
The grape harvest in autumn in Chianti

If the idea of a Chianti tour during fall foliage with the tasting of Chianti wines fascinates you, a visit to the Chianti Classico cellars during grape harvest is ideal, giving the eyes, but above all the sense of smell, extraordinary sensations, thanks to the fragrances of yeasts and fresh must from the wine vats. At the end, the time in the barrels will do its part as well, giving body and structure to the Chianti wines with maturation and refinement. For Chianti Classico wine 11 months will be needed and for Chianti Classico Riserva 24 months.

White Truffle Hunting in autumn in Chianti

Autumn is also synonymous with the most precious fruit on earth, the prized white truffle or “Tuber Magnatum Pico”. Its aroma and flavor crown it the “king of kings,” the most prized species of truffle that grows spontaneously underground living in symbiosis with the roots of specific plants, such as hazel, downy oak, turkey oak, aspen hornbeam and linden, which are very present in Chianti territory.

experience authentic truffle hunting in chianti
Experience authentic truffle hunting in Chianti

If you want to discover the white truffle of Tuscany hills and the secret corners of the Chianti region, truffle hunting in Chianti is the most fascinating experience you can have. Immersing yourself in the Chianti woods with a truffle hunter and his dogs will allow you to go in search of the Chianti white truffle and experience a new and fun activity in nature. At the end of the truffle hunting tour you will also be able to taste the truffles you have collected during your truffle hunt in combination with typical local dishes, such as Florentine steak with truffles.

Learn more about truffle hunting in Chianti.

Olive oil harvest in Chianti

Finally, autumn is also the favorite season for new, freshly pressed olive oil. The rolling hills of Chianti are an exceptional treasure chest to search for the green gold of Tuscany: in the heart of Tuscany, the Chianti region, you can in fact immerse yourself in the beautiful olive groves where an extra virgin olive oil rich in fragrances and shades of color is produced, thanks to the Tuscan olive varieties : frantoio, leccino, moraiolo and pendolino.

fall is the perfect season to discover new oil from chianti
Fall is the perfect season to discover new oil from Chianti

You will then have the opportunity to visit an oil mill during its activity, watch the olives being pressed and taste the freshly pressed Tuscan EVO oil with its complex and strong taste rich in aromas, flavors and organoleptic properties. The Chianti Classico Olio DOP is characterized by a fairly intense green color, sometimes somewhat fruity, with a spicy and slightly bitter flavor. On the table is an excellent match with traditional Tuscan dishes, such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro and panzanella.

Come and discover the walks among the olive trees with WeHike.

Tuscan Fall Festivals: the fairs, events and food festivals you can’t miss in Chianti

Of course, there is no shortage of appointments scattered around the area, where you can discover products and farms. WeHike suggests:



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