Greve in Chianti, the ‘capital’ of Chianti

15 Nov 2022 | Territory

Long included in the circuits of Wine Cities and Slow Cities, the village of Greve in Chianti is the only village entirely within the Chianti Classico zone: a real treasure chest of historical, wine and gastronomic traditions

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Discovering the village of Greve in Chianti

Halfway between Florence and Siena, Greve in Chianti represents the largest and the most famous town in the entire Chianti region.

Its history acquired importance from the Middle Ages, when the village became an increasingly important trading centre, thanks to its position at the crossroads of the Via Chiantigiana, the road to Valdarno and the road to Val di Pesa. Traces of this ancient vocation remain in the weekly food and craft market in Piazza Matteotti (there are also typical shops and truly ‘historic’ workshops along the arcade).

Over time, Greve in Chianti has also acquired the title of Wine City (Città del Vino) , being one of the founding municipalities of the association of the same name that promotes knowledge and development of wine-related territories, and has become a Slow City (Città Slow) having joined the movement born in 1999 with the aim of supporting slow and sustainable tourism.

The village of Greve in Chianti and its surroundings

Those who love culture and artistic heritage in Greve will not be disappointed.

Starting with the Renaissance town hall, also overlooking Piazza Matteotti- at the centre of which stands the monument of Giovanni da Verrazzano, a navigator born in Greve around 1485 – to the church of Santa Croce, with a triptych by Lorenzo di Bicci, and the Museum of Sacred Art.

Greve’s surroundings are also rich in evocative places. The first is undoubtedly the castle of Montefioralle: an ancient monastery and then the residence of local noble families, today it retains unaltered the fortifications that make it a veritable lookout overlooking the Chianti hills.

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View of the castle of Montefioralle in the town of Greve in Chianti

Numerous then are castles around Greve (Castle of Querceto, Castle of Vicchiomaggio, Castle of Verrazzano, Castle of Uzzano and many others) and parish churches (Pieve San Cresci or Pieve di San Miniato di Rubbiana, for example), but an experience not to be missed is certainly wandering in search of passages and glimpses that open up spectacular views of the Chianti landscape from the many paths in this beautiful area.

Would you like to discover Montefioralle Castle in a whole new way? Go to the experience WeHike dedicated to him

The heart of Chianti Classico

Events and appointments take place in Greve in Chianti and its surrounding villages throughout most of the year: from the “walk among the olive trees” (we are in the production area of the extra-virgin olive oil DOP “Chianti Classico”), to the Ceramics Festival and the Chestnut Festival in autumn, to the days dedicated to antiques and much more.

If you want to learn more about the tradition of terracotta and ceramics in Chianti, check out these experiences!

expo chianti classico 2022 in greve in chianti
Expo Chianti Classico 2022 in Greve in Chianti

But of course, activities related to the Greve area cannot be separated from wine production: the village of Greve in Chianti is the heart of Chianti Classico wine and home to the annual Expo one of the many events dedicated to this wine, which is now known worldwide. Read the article about the latest edition of the Chianti Classico Expo.

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