Winter in Chianti: among hiking, nature and events

20 Dec 2023 | Territory

In the cold season nature rests, but Chianti knows how to offer many opportunities, perhaps even more suggestive in these months. If you, too, are wondering what to do in Chianti in winter, let’s discover the winter surprises of this area with WeHike.

anche l'inverno nel chianti può riservare opportunità ed esperienze emozionanti
Snow-covered vines at rest during winter in Chianti


Winter in Chianti: a season full of surprises

Chianti and winter, at first glance, may seem like two opposing concepts: a land that prides itself on nature, with a vocation for wine and olive oil, where the pleasure of walking and enjoying the landscape go hand in hand, is a land to be appreciated with its mild climate and warm sun.

True, but Chianti is also a place that knows how to surprise, and the silence and quiet of the cold season can reserve many pleasant surprises for those who decide to spend a few days here in winter. Indeed, they are able to offer suggestive atmospheres and unique pleasures.


Trekking & Cooking Experiences in Chianti in Winter

Winter in Chianti, first and foremost, is the ideal time to indulge in beautiful hikes through woods and paths crossing placid hilly landscapes with splendid views and at the same time savor some typical specialties of the area, which are well suited to the cold temperatures: from peposo (made with meat, red wine and, of course, pepper), to wild boar stew, to ribollita, Tuscany’s most famous soup.

And for those who like to combine culinary art with hiking, spending a weekend in Chianti is an opportunity to discover the winter soul of this area with its quiet and warm light that only this season gives while learning the secrets of the local cuisine.

WeHike will take you to get to know the real Chianti territory with unique gastronomic realities of cooking classes with typical winter dishes and on the pastry front, there will be chocolate cantucci biscuits and the Christmas panettone made in Montefioralle by chef Gian Luca, a true multisensory experience!

Would you like to have a food and wine experience or cooking class in Chianti? Learn about WeHike’s experiences.

A cooking workshop during a saffron experience


Christmas in Chianti among excursions and events

With a few extra shirts on, hiking through the villages, hills and valleys of Chianti has an unmistakable flavor, that of nature resting and allowing itself to be admired even more willingly. Among the many possibilities, we point out a couple of hikes that we organize.

One not to be missed is a hike in the Monte San Michele nature park (the highest in Chianti), which is not uncommon to find whitewashed by snow. The perfect pairing is with a good snack right on the mountain, where Villa San Michele stands, which will welcome us to enjoy the typical flavors of the area.

The other is the Val di Greve loop tour starting from the main square of Greve in Chianti: a beautiful loop hike that can be planned with different distances and difficulties depending on the level and experience of the walkers. Here the perfect pairing is to treat yourself with a Chianti Classico wine tasting with light lunch at one of the many wonderful wineries along the way.

In addition, from December to March, around the many villages there are many events that accompany the winter season: from nativity scenes (such as the artistic ones in Panzano) to markets -especially in the run-up to Christmas- to concerts, shows, and workshops for young and old, perhaps from the late afternoon when the sun goes down. Because before that, you can take advantage of itineraries and trails, just like in spring or summer.

snow-covered vineyards at lamole in chianti in winter


Chianti: a land for every season

Exploring Chianti in winter is just the beginning of a journey that spans all seasons. Each time of year paints this land with different colors and flavors, creating experiences just waiting to be enjoyed. From spring, with its flowers adorning the hills, to summer, where the lush greenery invites long walks in the sunshine, to autumn, when the warm colors of the grape harvest transform the landscape into a living picture, Chianti is revealed in all its beauty.

For those who wish to delve deeper and dream about their adventure in these enchanted lands, our blog offers a mosaic of stories and suggestions. Be inspired by stories of seasons past, hiking tips, and even the secrets of local cuisine. Each tale is an invitation to plan your next experience with WeHike, choosing the perfect time for you to immerse yourself in the magic of Chianti, a land that welcomes visitors with different wonders in every season.




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