Chianti Rufina, history, nature and prestigious wines

Chianti Rufina is a territory of enchanting hills where magnificent hikes and experiences are waiting for you. Just like the wine that bears its name.

chianti rufina, history, nature and prestigious wines

In the imagination of many people, the Chianti territory recalls a rather narrow area, but in reality it is a composite mosaic which includes many areas and many disciplinary that regulate quality and specificity of the wines produced.

Chianti Rufinais a historical appellation of Tuscany, already recognized by a famous edict of Cosimo III de’ Medici in 1716, in which were determined the boundaries of the Chianti areas within which the homonymous wine could be produced.

La Rufina, a historical and precious area

Rufina is not the most famous of the Chianti production areas, it is the smallest and “autarkic” one (it counts only 22 producers), however it is among the most important and beautiful ones of Tuscany, also thanks to the splendid woods that surround it. And it is precisely among these hills, with spectacular horizons, that you can enjoy enchanting day hikes and unique experiences.

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The production areas of Chianti Rufina

Chianti Rufina is a landscape rich in history and culture that stretches across the hills north-east of the city of Florence, close to the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines which, with its cool breezes creates an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of vines. The municipalities authorized to produceChianti Rufina are Pontassieve, Rufina, Londa, Pelago and Dicomano.

Organoleptic characteristics of Chianti Rufina

Among the grapes used to make Chianti Rufina, Sangioveseprevails, the one with the highest percentage in the blend, from 70% to 100%, to which can also be added grapes coming from vines suitable for cultivation in the Tuscan region. The temperature range present in this area, with high daytime temperatures and cool nights in summertime, helps to preserve the aromatic notes and the natural acids of the grapes, generating a happy balance of sweet ripe fruit with high acidity.

Even the ripening process benefits from this microclimate, giving an important longevity to the wine, synonymous of very high quality. Chianti Rufina wine has a very interesting sapidity, it is harmonic, rich of lively but elegant tannins which with time refine making it a smooth and velvety wine.

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The Chianti lands are not often associated with pizza, but the art of what is probably the most iconic food of Italian cuisine is practiced here as well. And with this experience, WeHike guides you on a journey to discover the secrets of making a perfect pizza.

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