Spring blooms in Chianti

15 Apr 2022 | Territory

Chianti in spring is a mix of colors and scents. With hillsides filled with irises, poppies, lavender and flowers of all kinds, walking in Chianti from April to May provides unique experiences.

blooms in may in chianti - field of poppies

In may, the blooms in Chianti offer one more opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Indeed, late spring is the time when some of the most beautiful blooms can be seen, whose colors flood the gentle slopes planted with vines and olive trees, and whose essences are sought after for the creation of essential oils and perfumes.

In this colorful environment, you can try out unusual experiences to be made in spring discovering the hidden products and traditions of the Chianti region.

The iris blooming

One of the protagonists of the spring season in Chianti is the iriswhich covers the fields of lilac color and spreads its fragrance in the air. Portrayed in the emblem of the city of Florence (where an entire garden is dedicated to varieties of this flower), the iris is also one of the distinctive symbols of this area, with hundreds of plots for cultivation, so much so that even we at WeHike have dedicated one of ourand experiences: A picnic in Chianti among blooming irises with wine tasting.

iris fields in bloom in san polo in chianti
Iris fields in bloom at San Polo in Chianti in springtime

A kaleidoscope of petals

The purple fields are not only those of irises, however, because also the fields of lavender in Tuscany has a thriving tradition here. And speaking of scenic backgrounds, the Chianti region is an alternation of yellow rape flowers and sunflowers, as well as orchids together with wild gladioli, and the red clover, whose hues are slightly darker than those of the poppy.. Finally, even looking up at the shrubs you will encounter special and delicate blooms, like those of the Scotch broom, heather and acacia.

The most secret blooms in Chianti: the harvest of roses

Chromatic nuances and essences do not only abound in the open fields of the Chianti hills, from Greve to Gaiole and Castellina. In fact, scattered between a castle and a parish church, there are many the gardens, parks, museums, and fairs that are worth a visit during the spring bloom, such as the San Polo Iris Festival, the renowned gardens in Florence, or the Sculpture Park in Pievasciata.

Also numerous farms that make spirits or gastronomic products from flowers: one of these is the protagonist of another magical moment to be experienced with WeHike. Immersed in a rose garden we will see the creation of delicious jams made from the delicate petals of the queen of flowers.

What to do in Tuscany in May? Discover the rose harvest that comes to life in Chianti.

experience discovering the cultivation of roses and the "rose harvest" in chianti




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